You will receive an email immediately after payment where you will be directed to select the date you are looking to do Day 1 live with Wendy.


Reach for Resiliency - CE/CME + General Population Hybrid

You are one click away from becoming WELLTHIER!

Reach for Resiliency is:

  • evidence-based + grounded in 3 theories/models of wellbeing
  • completely proactive in nature ~ this is not therapy (although you may find it incredibly therapeutic!)
  • an educational program designed to fill the gap we ALL to train and sustain a resilient mind! 
  • foundational to all dimensions of wellbeing: physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • a program that not only meets those pesky CME requirements, but lays the foundation for your best future self to shine ~ personally and professionally!
  • This offering can also be done by any individual who is looking to understand their minds and capacity to navigate life! You do not have to be attached to CE/CME credits to sign up.  ANYONE can sign up for any of the dates listed below.  It's just extra appealing for those who require CE/CME's.

Next Step:

  1. Find the date below that fits your life and pay.
  2. Ask questions if you have them. [email protected]
  3. Don't worry about selecting a date BEFORE you pay.  Just ensure the date you are available for is listed below.
  4. You need to ONLY show up for Day 1 Live with WENDY but be ready to watch/complete the next 8 hours of content within 2 weeks of Day 1.
  5. You'll receive an email once payment is complete (check your junk email) that explains what to do. At this point, you'll simply respond to the email we send with the date you are picking! 
  6. Once you email us back with the date you choose, it becomes reserved for you. We will consider a change to your date or a refund within 72 hours of purchasing a course.  Refunds or changes to dates are not available beyond that time frame. 
  7. So, in your mind know one of the dates you are committing to below, pay and then follow the instructions in the email that follows. 
  8. are just going to respond to the email that comes to you stating the date you want to be placed into. You must respond with the date you want within the 72 hours (please refer to item #6 above).  We protect these dates from other income opportunities and as such, we ask that you carefully check your availability carefully before purchasing. In that way, you honour both your time and energy as well as ours. Thank you for hanging in as we cover these policies that we've learned the hard way are necessary to say.   We appreciate that you stuck with us here and gave us space to review this ickky part of the business transaction.   
  9. Closer to your class start date, you'll receive an email with the link for the class within 3 days of the class starting. Just be will come.  
  10. All Day 1 Live with Wendy are from 10 am to 6 pm EST (Toronto time).
  11. If there is not a date below you'd like and have at least 4 people you know who would join you, send a request to [email protected] and we'll try to custom create a class for you!  In fact, if you want a custom class for your office/area, please reach out and we'll offer a discount code as a thank you.  

Tuesday December 27, 2022

Tuesday January 3, 2023 SOLD OUT for a corporate team!  

Saturday January 21, 2023

Sunday January 29, 2023

Sunday February 12, 2023

Wednesday February 15, 2023

Sunday February 26, 2023

Wednesday March 1, 2023

Sunday March 12, 2023

Saturday March 18, 2023

Tuesday March 21, 2023

Friday March 31, 2023 

[We always say that if you are in distress, then reassess if an educational program is what you need.  While R4R is often described as incredibly transformative and therapeutic, it never replaces the role of a skilled mental health practitioner.]