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I understand that Reach for Resiliency is an educational program designed to fill an educational gap with respect to the art and science of how mindfulness supports wellbeing in a proactive approach.  

I understand that Reach for Resiliency is NOT therapy and is not to be taken unless approved by a health care professional if a participant has a history of mental health disorders or illness.  

Reach for Resiliency offers interventions and practice suggestions that, when practiced, may or may not improve one's subjective wellbeing. 

I understand that practicing mindfulness can bring some discomfort and I understand that my participation in any practice is of my own free will and that I can withdraw from an activity should I feel any level of discomfort.  

I am aware that should I feel unwell at any point during or after taking Reach for Resiliency, I will contact my health care practitioner, visit a nearby health care facility or make contact with the emergency health system (911). 

I am aware that Wendy Lund is not a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a medical doctor and enter this course with the understanding that Reach for Resiliency is an educational program, not a therapeutic intervention for illness or disorder.  

I am currently not in any health care crisis of any kind and that my mental health is considered to be within normal range and without risk to my wellbeing to take a course that addresses proactive mental health strategies. 

I am aware that communication (emails and videoconference calls) will be conducted with professionalism and mutual respect.  No profanity will be tolerated and should I act in a way unbecoming of a professional relationship, I risk termination of the balance of the course without financial compensation.  

I understand that if I do not adhere to the agreed upon time, that I risk losing those hours in the event scheduling cannot be arranged within 3 months of starting the course.  

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Reach for Resiliency - Course & Coaching one on one with Wendy Offer

This course offering allows individuals to receive Reach for Resiliency with the CEO/Founder of Wellth Management in real time over the phone or video conferencing over 4-8 weeks, depending your your availability.

You'll receive:

  • one on one delivery (16 hours) of the entire course with the founder herself.
  • the opportunity to customize the delivery timetable in collaboration with Wendy's schedule.
  • the opportunity to be coached through the content and ask how to uniquely apply the skills to suit your needs.
  • intention and goal setting together with the expert.
  • coaching and guided reflective practice homework suggestions.