About Us

Wellth Management inspires organizations to redefine wealth by using evidence-based practices that build resiliency and promote psychological safety and wellness in the workplace.

Wellth Management believes there is a way to conduct business that fosters meaningful and productive relationships while mitigating and managing conflict with greater respect and kindness.

This approach brings the most important assets of an organization—its people—to the forefront, creating a workplace that supports resiliency and wellbeing.

We just don’t believe it, science proves it.

Using techniques that are informed by mindfulness and compassion-based theories, Wellth Management brings a powerful new experience to all employees. It is both timely and long overdue.


  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Online classes
  • Customized curriculum


  • Data collection and analysis on defined key indicators (e.g., employee engagement)
  • Leadership coaching
  • Human capital strategy and policies
  • Corporate social responsibility programs

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