Training & Sustaining the Resilient Mind

COVID-19 Changes Everything

Our mandate at Wellth Management is to help build resiliency proactively. COVID-19 has the entire world in crisis mode. We were unsure how to appropriately help out. We think this is a good start. Our 'Reach for Resiliency Friends and Family' course was intended to be sold to raise money for scholarship and charity. We'll get back to business after we have gotten through COVID-19. We wanted it to be perfect, but this pandemic has shifted us from being perfect in our work and trying to help where we can. This course is evolving and will change. If you can be patient with us as we polish it up, there's enough to be of service to our front line workers and those at home waiting for them today.
May you all be safe. May you all be healthy. May you find joy, peace and courage in these most challenging of times.

Coping with COVID-19

Never has there been a time of such global uncertainty, fear and isolation.
There is no such thing as 'business as usual' for any of us anymore!
Like so many other businesses, we struggled with how we can help AND not profiteer from a pandemic.
Our first call to action is to support our front line staff. To that end, we have opened up our "Reach for Resiliency Friends and Family" course and it's now FREE!.
It was filmed BC [Before Covid]. But, it may still serve the wellbeing of families and help to be a distraction from the heartbreaking news.
While you are home and socially isolating, you are invited to share some time with Wellth. This course is FREE and it will be evolving. It's not perfect and as polished as we would have liked, but we are letting go of that to be of service to you today.


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