Wendy Lund, BScN, MSc in Mindfulness Studies

CEO & Founder

With more than three decades of experience as a Health Studies Professor teaching physiology, pathophysiology & pharmacology, Wendy understands the biology of stress and resiliency.
She extensively investigated the experience of trauma in first responders and has built a case for how and why compassionate-based mindfulness theory and practices can build proactive resiliency in vulnerable sectors for her MSc in Mindfulness Studies. She has helped to pioneer curriculum for those who engage trauma in their work so that they reduce their risk of psychological injury in the line of duty. She has shared her vision in conferences as a speaker/plenary, in many workshops and in print.
Wendy believes it’s about being proactive, not reactive, with our mental health. Her vision is to help others redefine wealth in their workplace and lives.

Anders McGillis

Strategic Advisory

Anders graduated from the Ivey Business School HBA program in 2013. His expertise lies in strategy consulting across a broad set of industries. He has demonstrated skills in strategic planning and advisory, process improvement and design, complex project management and workshop design. He has worked on transforming customer experiences for national brands in both Canada and the US.
Now, Anders is passionate about taking his consulting experience to a new challenge: improving employees’ experiences and making the workforce more resilient. A tenacious, dynamic and team-oriented leader, Anders is focused on uncovering insights that will drive meaningful impact for clients.

Teresa Coulter

Resiliency Coach & Practice Lead

Teresa Coulter is a gifted, experienced and highly trained yoga & meditation teacher and artist who understands the theoretical components of all Wellth Management training.

Teresa is also a veteran 1st Responder who worked relentlessly during the pandemic.

Teresa is the founder of Yoga 911 in Calgary Alberta where her trauma-sensitive teachings are highly sought after. Wellth Management is privileged to have her on our team

Teresa is the recipient of Healing through the Arts Award, TEMA public service award, Hometown Hero Award, Certificate of exemplary Recognition for Health, Safety and Wellness through Artistic Achievement, a Certified Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher, Public Speaker, and a Healing Arts practitioner, Advocate for Mental Health and Wellness. With a blend and passion for science, creativity, and somatic exploration Teresa offered and safe space to explore and re-connect to our own internal compass.

Chris Piva | Karma Breath Coach

Wellth Management is pleased to welcome Chris Piva to our team.

Chris Piva worked as a Paramedic in Ontario for 12 years, was diagnosed with PTSD in 2012, and was medically retired in 2020.

His healing journey introduced him to the transformative practices of body and breath work and has embodied the practices of both which he now shares freely with others. As a Karmic Breath Coach Chris volunteers his experience and expertise through workshops, online courses and coaching.

In turn, Wellth Management has agreed to pay this forward by supporting charitable organizations that support 1st responders and their families.

We are deeply honoured that Chris has chosen Wellth Management to land his practice of generosity and wisdom with us.

Together, we'll be supporting individuals and organizations while supporting the 1st responder community.

Dr. Brigitta Ziemba ND

Wellth Management is pleased to welcome Dr. Brigitta to our team of health and wellness experts. Dr. Brigitta, is a registered Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), who has a passion for building brain resiliency, managing post concussion care and optimizing athletic performance.
Dr. Brigitta also has extensive training in nutrition and holistic health, an area we all could likely do better in.
Her understanding of the pathogenic model with that of naturopathic medicine is what makes Dr. Brigitta so unique!
Her knowledge and experiences combine to make her a trusted health care professional for anyone looking to gain a new perspective on their wellbeing. She believes that health and wellbeing benefit from both novel and traditional perspectives of medicine. She believes that there is a time and a place for both types of medicine. It’s not about one versus the other. It’s about empowering people with a holistic view of their wellbeing and working to create a plan that makes sense for your life.
Dr. Brigitta is available to anyone interested in cultivating more wellth in your life.
You don’t need to be a first responder to benefit from working with Dr. Brigitta. She brings a wellth of knowledge and experience to our team in all areas of health and we encourage you to consider her as a resource in causing your wellbeing.


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