What others have to say about Wellth:

"Wendy has helped to shape how we think about, explore and tackle resiliency and mental wellness issues for first responders and beyond. Leveraging an extensive education and professional background, Wendy digs deep into the science to structure her work and when teaching she keeps the learning fun and engaging. I have witnessed exponential growth in the audiences, learners and groups she attracts based purely on the quality of her work and message"

Walter Tavares
Researcher | University of Toronto, York Region Paramedic Services

"I first heard Wendy speak about mindfulness and resiliency at a conference in 2016 and I was inspired to learn more! I then had the opportunity to attend the first three sessions of R4R and it changed my life: it reinvigorated my meditation practice but, as well, it fostered the integration of practices of gratitude, generosity, and loving kindness into my daily life. These practices changed my relationship to the world around me in a way that, I believe, has made me more tolerant, more appreciative of the abundance around me, and more resilient to the stressors that arise. Wendy presents a compelling picture that combines science and practice and gives you tools you can apply immediately."

Jane D.
EMS, Alberta

"Wendy Lund teaches people the critical importance of proactively educating, supporting, and training our emergency personnel, first responders, members of the military, medical staff, and other professionals, before they leave the classroom, boardroom, or deploy. Wendy is well-studied, empathetic, and a strategic thinker. She is to be applauded for her dedication to helping keep people healthy; mental health IS health!"

Janice Landry
Award-winning author, advocate, journalist

"Wendy is absolutely amazing! Very knowledgeable more than qualified to be teaching this course. Loved learning from her and have since formed a professional relationship with her. I feel I can call on Wendy for advice anytime. I highly recommend this course to all first responders and even those in the corporate world!"

Ryan Gallagher
Firefighter, City of Burlington & Host of Mental Edge Lifestyle Podcast

"Wendy's presentation was easy to relate to. She spoke in plain language that everyone there could connect with, offering practical information that would be beneficial for anyone to put into practice."

Tom Howard
Executive Director Illinois FireFighter Peer Support

"Wendy is a strong advocate for Paramedicine and her work in the field of resilience and mindfulness is second to none. Wendy has the ability to relate to healthcare providers, simplify the science of why we need more wellness training in our industry, and connect the dots. Her powerful program will be a great contribution to your organization's biggest asset, your people!"

Robbie MacCue
Flight Paramedic & Founder of the EMS Leadership Academy

"Wendy Lund does a fantastic job of communicating a practical and vital message to the first responder community. She is a gifted speaker who has a passion to serve those who are on the frontlines of experiencing trauma on a regular basis as a part of our work in Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement. "

Jon Saunders
Firefighter & Host of the Fire Inside Podcast

"I attended Wendy Lund's R4R breakout session at the Ilinois Firefighter Peer Support Symposium held in March of 2019. Wendy is a dynamic speaker who connects with her audience in a fun and meaningful way. This mini-workshop offered practical applications on how mindfulness can be used to build resiliency and a better quality of life. As Wendy said "Name it, Tame it, Frame it.""

Tim G
Retired Lieutenant/Paramedic -Alsip FD

"Wendy is an amazing lecturer and an even more amazing human being. I thoroughly enjoyed her keynote presentation at the inaugural Illinois Firefighter Peer Support Symposium. As owner of FireSQFitness, a business dedicated to the health and wellness of firefighters, I greatly value her mental health knowledge and insight. I can't wait to hear more from Wendy!"

Annette Zapp
FD Lieutenant/Founder FireSQ Fitness

"No matter what the venue or platform, Wendy’s expertise on mindfulness and resilience shines through. Delivering this material is like breathing for Wendy and you can see audiences take in the oxygen. Anyone who has had the opportunity to hear or experience a workshop, a podcast or a one-on-one with Wendy knows that her messages, i.e. the tools she provides, remain with you like a personal guide that you can access whenever you feel as through you are veering off course. Most importantly though, Wendy's tools teach you to check in so you stay the course. "

Carol-Ann Granatstein
Communications Strategist + Founder, Aromacentric + Host of the Existential Relish Podcast

"Wendy facilitated a workshop that was the best wellness session I have ever attended, bar none. It was simultaneously theoretical and practical with many tips and tricks that could be immediately integrated into everyday life! I highly recommend Wendy if you want an engaging, knowledgeable, presenter who will tailor her remarks to fit your audience."

Catherine C
Executive Director, International Alliance of ALS MND Associations

"I would like to say thank you to Wendy for presenting Mindfulness in a way that really began a wonderful journey of self discovery. In the work that I do in AHS EMS I am constantly in the presence of others suffering from unregulated emotional states. During these moments, my Mindfulness practice has helped the regulation of my own emotional state and has allowed me to be more present for the practitioners that I work with. The curriculum that Wendy presents really demystified Mindfulness. Using a combination of neurobiology and presenting tangible ways to practice Mindfulness really showed the benefits and moved me in a direction of change. Thank you Wendy for your commitment to facilitating change in others. I am eternally grateful."

Ryan Collyer
Reintegration Team Lead - Alberta Health Services EMS

"Wendy is an awesome facilitator. She has a ton of experience and knowledge and has a sincere passion for teaching. Wendy has an understanding of the Paramedics job and is able to provide the Paramedics such valuable tools to help them look after their mental well-being. The R4R course taught me how to focus on my own wellness and I have been able to apply the tools I learned in my everyday life. Thank you Wendy for being such a passionate facilitator. "

Tim Johnson
Paramedic, York Region

"Wendy is absolutely captivating when presenting on a topic close to her heart - a mindful wellness practice. The concepts within R4R are vital for first responders, but also for people looking to deepen their learning on mindfulness and its benefits. Simply put, Wendy is an incredible presence and spreads joy wherever she goes. "

Jennifer Maleus
Registered Psychotherapist

"In my numerous contacts with Wendy I have found her to be extremely professional. Her knowledge, passion and proactive approach to resiliency and mindfulness address a gap that has been ignored far-too-long. Wendy is a dynamic speaker who tailors her programs on the needs of business or corporation. I would highly recommend Wendy"

Dan Bowers
Creator of the First Eyes® Proactive Family Mental Health Program

"R4R is a wholistic breakthrough in resilience and mindfulness training, offering the participants the tools and knowledge to grow and evolve on their wellbeing educational journey. Wendy uses a multi-sensory platform that facilitates all types of learners and helps reinforce conceptualization. Not only is Wendy an excellent educator that is well experienced and skilled, but she also has a natural charm and swagger to her delivery that can help put anxieties at ease. "

Saul A
Paramedic, York Paramedic Services

"I have known Wendy as a teacher, mentor and a friend since 2011, she is a no mess no fuss professional leader with a warm and infectious personality. Her passion and vast experience within healthcare, teaching, mentoring and the public sector synergistically unite with her expertise in mindfulness to bring the world 'Wellth Management'. Most recently I attended Wendy’s contribution to the EMS leadership summit, her Respons-able & Purpose-ful Leadership program. The program resonated with me on a very personal level and it was inspiring to have aspects I immediately identified with and to understand those of my deep persona I hadn’t considered. Wendy brings the listener into seminar utilizing her own experience and scientific knowledge to coherently explain the connection between the spiritual aspects of mindfulness and the physical representations and effects upon the body. This is a program which should be an essential part of any mental toolkit for everyone within the emergency services, from fledging professionals to the more tenured amongst us. One can enjoy this program repeatedly utilizing it as a self-reflective check in tool."

Alan Hurley
Paramedic, Irish National Ambulance Service

"I met Wendy in my first year of Paramedic College. She is an amazing instructor that gave me the tools I required to function as a great Paramedic. Fast forward 12 years and our paths crossed again. I was attending a seminar related to First Responders and I gladly sat in on Wendy’s Mindfulness presentation. She raised the bar even higher. Wendy has the biggest heart when it comes to the First Responder community. She is dedicated to providing the most current information and tools to our First Responders. Wendy you are doing amazing things and I am grateful to have you in my life💚"

Chris Piva
Muskoka EMS

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